Zegmi was created during Embedded Interaction Workshop at PolyU Design by me and other three members.  We intend to convey the idea of living creature under the field of Interactive Environments Design.

Zegmi are fluffy creatures that may appear in any urban setting. As peace lovers who avoid confrontation, they do not want to be interrupted. When approached Zegmi like to pretend they are not there and stop moving or hide themselves in fear. But when provoked to some extent, they will attack and try to scare a viewer away.

People may approach or even touch them for their soft appearance. But this triggers a threatening reaction. Viewer may be attracted by the reaction and try to provoke each Zegmus even more. As Zegmi are mysterious creatures viewer doesn’t know when creature will become aggressive which makes people stick around and interact with the fluffy family.

Creator: Dianya Mia Hua, Maryna Aleksandrova, Siqi Becky Zeng, Xiajing Jean Huang.