This was a group project working under the theme of marble machine. It later participated in MakerFaire Hong Kong 2017.

Bamboo marble machine was designed as a reflection on Chinese Wood element. This influences the choice of materials - bamboo is used as a main material for tracks; wooden marbles are used instead of metal (also testing during prototyping phase showed that wooden marbles produce a better sound), fishing net is used instead of metal wires as a main supporting material, as it gives a cleaner floating-in-the-air-like effect for bamboo tracks; electronic wires are wrapped in hemp twine, while servos are hidden inside of bamboo "cups", so they are not visible to a viewer.

Philosophy behind machine involves a deeper look into Wood element. Wood is about new beginning, it's about regenerating and renewal. Every decision in our life changes the path of the life, with this change new opportunities arise - like our machine, every change of the interface opens up a new track for a marble to go through. We would like a user to reflect on their decision making, while observing a marble passing through machine.

The installation was presented in MakerFaire Hong Kong 2017. 

Creator: Dianya Mia Hua, Maryna Aleksandrova, Siqi Becky Zeng, Xiajing Jean Huang.